Have fun nerding out AND planning for conference by visualizing the conference data in Tableau! Use this page to connect to the Web Data Connector built out for Tableau 9.1, or download the .CSV documents to connect to. Make sure to share your creation on social media with the hashtag #data15.

Web Data Connector

We've built out a Web Data Connector for you to connect directly to our schedule data with one of the awesome new features of Tableau 9.1. Read more about Web Data Connectors here.

Connecting to the WDC

  1. Open Tableau Desktop or Tableau Public. Note: WDC is only available in Tableau 9.1+.
  2. In the "Connect" pane on the left, select "Web Data Connector" from under the "To a server" heading. If you don't see this option, select "More Servers..." and then "Web Data Connector"
  3. In the dialogue box, paste in the following URL and hit enter: http://tc15.tableau.com/wdc/schedule
  4. Select which data you want to connect to. For instance, to work with session data, select the "Sessions" link.
  5. Once you're connected, you're ready to start building vizzes and dashboards!
  6. (Optional) To work with Speaker data as well, add a new data source following steps 2 and 3. Select "Speakers" rather than "Sessions". You now have two data sources and can add a relationship between the two on the "Session ID" field.

CSV Downloads

We also have CSVs of the data for those of you who want to kick it old-school or have not yet been able to upgrade to Tableau 9.1

Sessions CSV Speakers CSV


  • The data will be current as of the time of download, but session and speaker details are subject to change. Download the CSVs regularly to stay up-to-date.
  • Most session information is provided in sessions.csv, but we've also provided a CSV that contains data about each speaker for sessions. Sessions-speakers.csv can be left joined to sessions.csv on the "Session ID" field.
  • When you do join in speaker data, you may consider using "Count (Distinct)" on Session ID to filter down to distinct sessions.